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2019 Toyota Avalon Bed Size

Find out the bed width and height of 2019 Toyota Avalon for all 4 trims

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2019 Toyota Avalon Trims

XLE 4dr Sedan

Exterior box length - no data

The length of the pickup body is measured from the end of the cab to the rear cargo door.

Pickup box minimum width - no data

The width of the pickup body is measured as the distance between the sides of its cargo area.

Pickup box depth - no data

The height of the pickup bed's side wall is considered the bed's depth. The higher this parameter, the more cargo you can carry inside the cargo compartment.

Rear cargo door - trunk

This is the door that provides access to the cargo area of the vehicle.

Rear window type - fixed

It is the same for all trims.

There are two types of automotive glass - laminated and tempered. Tempered glass is more resistant to mechanical damage and can withstand heavy loads, but if you exceed the limit of its strength - it will shatter into small pieces.

Laminated glass is easier to damage, and even with minor efforts, it may already show cracks. Still, even with the most critical damages it will not shatter into small pieces and will keep the original configuration, which is an absolute advantage in terms of safety.

Pickup box - no data

The main feature of pickup trucks is their cargo compartment, located directly behind the cab. This section of the vehicle is called a box or bed.

Pickup truck tonneau cover - no data

In order to ensure that the body of the pickup truck is not damaged or simply not clogged with dirt or debris, during trips without cargo or when idle, it is covered with a special plate, which is called tonneau cover. It can be soft or hard.

Pickup cargo box light - no data

Often there is an additional light source installed in the pickup bed - it makes it easier to work in the night hours.

Exterior length - 195.9 in

It is the same for all trims.

If you are choosing a pickup truck for work - look for a model with a longer wheelbase. In this case, the length and volume of the bed will also be higher, and you can transport more cargo without unnecessary load on the car.

Exterior body width - 72.8 in

It is the same for all trims.

The width of the car is usually measured from the left to the right arch. Note that the bed width may be larger than the cab width.

Exterior height - 56.5 in

It is the same for all trims.

This is a parameter of the car that measures its size from the surface of the floor to the highest point on the roof (not including the rails).

Maximum cargo capacity - 16.1 cu.ft.

It is the same for all trims.

Even if you bought a pickup truck with the longest wheelbase, its bed has its own loading limit - the maximum cargo volume - which is the maximum amount of luggage you can load in the cargo area.

If this is not enough for you, you can install roof rails to carry luggage on the roof, or buy a trailer and carry everything you need there.

Lighting - cargo light - std

It is the same for all trims.

The car's luggage compartment (in the case of a pickup truck - its bed) can be equipped with an additional light source if you often have to drive somewhere at night.

XSE 4dr Sedan

Limited 4dr Sedan

Touring 4dr Sedan

Is 2019 Toyota Avalon bed dimensions enough for you?

Who has to understand the auto bed size? Do you constitute yourself a hill buddy who takes pleasure in climbing, steering on broken ground, as well as living wildlife ? In such circumstances, this very car is really for you ! Even supposing you are potentially to be prepared for for a seaside snack with all the relatives together with a pooch, noticing the 2019 Toyota Avalon bed size along with amount of your lading will be significantly worthwhile. In this context you can be deadly firm that all the things you intended to bring might be lodged in the cargo bed.

How is it measured? Whenever you tined the brand' s book of instructions with the 2019 Toyota Avalon bed specifications, you may perhaps be curious how could be the rear element of your automobile computed. A habitual false impression pertaining to these kinds of beds is that all of them appear essentially the same which would got you believing there is very little distinction around them once in truth many have unique virtues or tones!

As an example, granted that your major idea is just transferring haul stone`s cast distances on that occasion some sort of an open-top will most likely really pertain you, on the other hand, probably not so much whenever more long-term tugging outings are planned down the foreland.

To this extent, with an eye to estimate the size of your personal 2019 Toyota Avalon bed, you ought to reveal the area between the inner sides of the bulkhead and the tailgate. Note, that an automobilist will need to count the inside departments, considering that the beyond ones will probably substantially reverse basing on the bodywork particularities. The wideness of your respective cargo bed is simply sized in the same manner.


By extending your Toyota Avalon bed frame and upgrading brake lines, parking brake cables, wiring, and driveshaft, you can increase your truck bed length.

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